A Fresh


Australia's freshest dog food, simply delivered.

Recipes formulated alongside one of Australia's leading pet nutritionists.

We have worked closely with passionate canine nutritionists who have helped create Fetchit's yummy and nourishing menu.

Our approach to pet food is honest & fundamentally built on the use of fresh, healthy ingredients to maximise health outcomes for dogs.

The Fetchit Difference

Fresh & Local

We prioritise using fresh and local produce from trusted Aussie suppliers.

Health Focused

Every ingredient used has the purpose of adding value to your dog’s life.

Pet Nutritionist Developed

Recipes grounded in science to maximise nutritional value.


Plans, portions and recipes to suit fussy eaters and dogs of all sizes, ages and health stages.

Five Recipes

Five recipes to choose from in five different portion sizes to suit any dog.

Free range chicken breast, chicken hearts, beef liver and green lipped mussels, slowly cooked together with an assortment of staple vegetables & fruits.


Fresh Tasmanian salmon sourced from sustainable fisheries, cooked with permium beef mince, beef liver, green lipped mussels, egg and complemented by juicy fruits & vegetables.

Premium grass fed beef mince, beef liver, egg and New Zealand green lipped mussels, tossed with a variety of gently cooked fresh vegetables and fruits.

Juicy free range turkey and grass fed beef liver, combined with New Zealand green lipped mussels, egg, sweet & tangy cranberries and a variety of vegetables.

Lean wild caught kangaroo from Central NSW, cooked together with beef liver, green lipped mussels, egg and an assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables.

"The change in their personality from Fetchit food is incredible - we are so lucky to have the team feeding our boys!"

- Dan Conn

Celebrity Trainer

"Being healthy and having a healthy dog is extremely important to me. It's awesome to know that Simba is being fed the best, natural diet - Fetchit!"

- Will Bigelow

Bondi Lifeguard

"I love the fact that our fur babies are eating actual, real food cooked in a kitchen! They love it as much as I love seeing them arrive at the door!"

- Ellice Wichello

Business Owner & Fitness Model

Fresh Food Every Time

We send food straight from our kitchen directly to your door.
No middlemen, no chemicals, no shelf stabilisers.
Just real, fresh food.

No “Meals”

Powders in kibble like “Chicken Meal” can contain meat from diseased livestock.

No Preservatives

Natural and/or artificial preservatives can keep pet foods shelf-stable for years.

No Brown Pellets

Kibble is extremely processed regardless of the ingredient claims (or pictures).

No Label Tricks

Foods can hide behind misleading labels. “Made with beef” can mean just 3% beef.

Making A REAL Change

”Fetchit has been a god send for us – the dogs LOVE it, they finish it all and it is so easy for us as busy family to feed them and feel good about it.”

Serving healthy meals to dogs all over Sydney

What the furrents are saying...

Fewer vet visits

Increased vitality

Clean skin & shiny coat

Less “dog odour”

Better #2’s

We’d love to show you how real food will transform your dog’s life.